Manfred Jaeger

Manfred Jaeger
Partner I Urban Planning Principal

Manfred Jaeger’s design approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the necessity that urban planning, landscape design and architecture must form a coherent unit.

After studying Philosophy and graduating in Architecture from the Munich Technical University in 1964, he was Prof. Gottfried Böhm’s assistant instructor at the Technical University of Aachen and collaborator at Böhm’s architecture office in Cologne, in addition to being the leader of his office in Aachen.

Well-versed and experienced in urban planning, he became a member of the Municipal Administration of Aachen. His tasks were studies on urban research and town planning developments, with a special focus on the challenges of urban development. With the successful completion of these responsibilities in Germany, Manfred Jaeger was appointed as a Foreign Expert of Architecture and Urban Design in the People’s Republic of China. Presently, he is Partner of Jaeger Kahlen Partners, with locations in Germany, China and Italy.

2015 Partner and Urban Planning Principal at Jaeger Kahlen Partner
2007 - 2015 Partner and Urban Planning Principal at Jaeger and Partner
2000 - 2005 Foreign Expert of Architecture and Urban Design at SIMS International (China)
1967 - 2000 Member of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Aachen
1965 Collaboration with Professor Gottfried Boehm’s office, Cologne
1964 Assistant Instructor at Technical University of Aachen
1964 Philosophy and Architecture Diploma, Munich Technical University