about us

JKP is an international architectural design practice committed to the pursuit of creating holistic and inspiring built environments. Our projects are designed with a degree of art and craft that affirms the transformative power and responsibility of architecture to improve the quality of the communities in which we work and live. With offices in Germany, Italy and China, the practice provides customized design services to clients in the field of urban planning, architecture and interior design.

Over the past decade, JKP has been involved in a series of impressive projects, ranging from urban planning to the design of super high-rise buildings and specialized façade design details. The success of our design process, and by extension each project, is in how we thoughtfully consider, respond and adapt to the needs of every client. We take an open and collaborative approach to interacting with clients, favoring a process that thoroughly discovers each client’s unique objectives.

Through probing, listening and communicating, we gain an understanding of our client’s needs and aspirations. In response, JKP provides customized strategies to meet and exceed client needs. We invite and favour our clients to actively participate in the process discussing the pros and cons of each approach. As our team begins to understand the intentions for a project, we work to build a foundation of trust, confidence and teamwork. We are able to work meaningfully with our client towards a design that uniquely addresses their demands and desires.

The dynamic process of discovery in which we engage our clients also prevails within our company culture. As members of a design team offer their perspective during both formal and informal review sessions, we continually challenge assumptions about what is possible. To the benefit of each design, JKP encourages and taps into the energy, creativity, and passion of everyone in our company as well as the client and the team of consulting specialists and contractors. We regularly work closely with experts in fields such as property management, sustainable design, building systems design and structural engineering who share our belief in pursuit of excellence in urban planning, architectural design, environmental sustainability and building façade detail craftsmanship.

Throughout the design process, we use models to study problems and propose solutions ranging from the building massing to curtain wall or details of the exterior and interior. Through the interplay of ideas from team members and the latest software, we refine the design, narrowing the focus on the details and then zooming back out to test the newly refined part against the whole. We continue to test our design choices in this way until we achieve an integrated resolution of form and function. We seek artful design strategies and materials appropriate to perform at the highest level.

Our firm has effectively used this process of investigation and discovery to design environmentally sensitive, efficient and innovative architecture across the globe. In doing so, we have earned our reputation as a nimble, responsive architectural company that offers our clients strong advantages in workforce satisfaction, high tenacity for perfection and energy-efficient design commitment. As local and international press attest, our designs also advocate a higher standard of private and civic architecture by respectfully engaging and enhancing the greater community that each building serves. For JKP, the highest level of architecture is possible when we have earned the respect and satisfaction of our clients and entered into a relationship that we expect to endure throughout the design, construction process and beyond.